Friday, May 9, 2008

The party continues!

After the spiritual feasting was over, it was time for packing up and heading over to my sister in laws for the night. First we had to take some more pictures. I realized that I had not taken many pictures with my sister Amie and my mom. This was due to the fact that we went to different classes. And look at the amazing back drop for our picture. This is what the view is like out of the front door of the house we stayed at. Talk about beautiful.

After we managed to get everything loaded up, we headed to a great Mexican restaurant and met up with my sister in law, Jessica. I was still so full from lunch, that all I ordered was some guacamole. This was quite delicious. Of course we had to take more pictures. I am not quite sure why I am on the phone with my eyes closed. I think I am trying to check some messages from home. All in all I was pleasantly surprised at how infrequently I received calls from home. Of course there was the call from Jared on Thursday afternoon: "Hey I just found out I have to play at a concert tonight, where are my church pants?" But that is to be expected, right? And at least it was not my worry about getting him there on time at about the same time Diana had to be at her choir concert. So glad I missed that crisis. After dinner, we headed back to my brother's house. He was out of town, so we moved the party there so my sister law could join in. My other sister in law, Lisa also joined us at
this point of the festivities. Here is a picture of me with all of the goodies I had left for our final slumber party. I brought way to much junk, due to the fact that I made too many trips to the store and each time I kept thinking of new things that sounded good. Needless to say we had a lot of fun that evening. We laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants. That has to be a sign of a good time, right? We had fun reliving memories looking at a scrapbook that I made for my mom. We tried to date some of the pictures using the time tested technique of clothing identification. For those of you unaware of the procedure, let me enlighten you. See if the person in the picture can remember when they bought what they are wearing, you can precisely pin down the date of the picture. Apparently this actually can happen, as several of those present used this technique to help determine when certain things happened. We really have shared some special times. I should have taken more pictures of this mirth filled event, but I think I forgot. So basically what you had was nine women, lots of goodies, and a couple of hours. You do the math, any way to put it, it adds up to more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

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