Friday, May 9, 2008

You can make the pathway bright!

After the classes, we went back to the Marriot Center and listened to Bro and Sis Bateman give a talk. It was very good. Brother Bateman talked about making our homes a temple. He talked about how orderly the temple is and how everything is done with exactness. I think I have a long way to go before my home could measure up to that standard, but it was good to think about.
Next we moved on to dinner at La Dolce Vita. It is our favorite Italian place in Provo. The food was so yummy. And we didn't even have to wait to be seated.
After this we split into two group. My sisters and I went back to the evening of service titled "You can make the pathway bright!" We got a great parking space and went into the Smith field house. It was amazing how many people were working like crazy. You had to stand in a line and then they would say "We need two people over here" Then you would be sent to the assembly line that was putting together kits for the Humanitarian center. We ended up at the newborn kits. So we were in a line putting diapers, onsies, soap, pins, and a hat into zip lock bags. This was so much fun. Different tables would cheer when they finished a box of something. I guess all together we did like 9,000 newborn kits, 7,000 hygeine kits, and 12,000 school kits. How cool is that? So here are pictures of all of us in a service frenzy. I have a very strange look on my face in the closeup picture. I think I am feeling the pressure to keep up. The whole thing was kind of like that "I love Lucy" episode in the candy factory. It is amazing what mormon women can do when they put their minds and hands to work. I am so proud to belong to this sisterhood of service called Relief Society. My sister Amie is in the green sweatshirt next to me in line. Once we were done and needed to go, there were others waiting in line to take our places.
After serving we headed back up to the Marriot Center for an evening of entertainment. This was really good. Hilary Weeks was the MC and she is hilarious, if you didn't know. We heard Kenneth Cope, Eclipse, and Michael McClain along with others. It was a lot of fun and included in the price of our ticket. What a deal. The first year I went to Women's Conference, I didn't go to this part, but I am glad that I tried it last year. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn't end until 10 pm. That meant that we left the house at 8 that morning and didn't get home until 10:30 at night. Needless to say we all just fell into bed, so as to be ready to party for one more day. Hurray for exhaustion born of learning, service, and fun.

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