Friday, May 9, 2008

We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet!

So finally the moment we had all been waiting for had arrived. We did not get there early enough to get close seats, but that was OK. It turns out the spirit is in the top of the building as well as down close. It is so cool to be in the presence of a man of God. I love it, when everyone stands up and sings "We thank Thee O God, for a Prophet." just as the Prophet walks up to the stand. His wife was with him, although she did not speak. This may have been due to her recent back surgery and coma. It was nice to see her nonetheless. So even though I wasn't up close, I took these two pictures of the big screen. I think they turned out reasonably well. Probably better than what I would have gotten of him walking out. They did not allow him to shake any hands. He gave a wonderful talk, much like he always does. There is something so lyrical about his talks. Perhaps it is all the poetry he always quotes. And did you realize that his daughter Ann is the new counselor in the general YW presidency. I had not made that connection. The Prophet told us that "We are everything described by sensitive good hearts. Each of us is living a life with much to do, don't let important things pass us by. Do not procrastinate those things that matter most. Every day in your life is a special occasion. Keep the list of things you miss as short as possible. One day we will run out of tomorrows. Our mortal life was never meant to be easy. Each of us experience dark days. Shall I falter or finish? No pain that we suffer is wasted, it adds to our education, faith, and patience. We cannot avoid all the storms. Only the master knows our pain and trials. Weave in deeds of service into our daily lives." There was a wonderful spirit there, and I feel truly blessed to have been present for such an occasion. That is actually the third time I have heard President Monson speak in person. Here is a picture of him as he is leaving. Always ministering to the one, he stopped to shake hands with a woman in a wheel chair. Then he walked off the stand and stopped to wave to all of us. He turned in a circle so that he faced and waved to everyone there. After he finished the circle, he gave the thumbs up sign. It was so cute and memorable. The Prophet of the Lord gave me the thumbs up, telling me that things are going well and everything will be OK. What a tender mercy.

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