Friday, May 9, 2008

Waiting for the Prophet.

After John Bytheway, we hiked back up to the Marriot Center and got in line to get a fabulous Chicken Taco salad. We felt lucky because they ran out of food soon after we got ours. Here again, I failed to document with a picture the yummy food. You will just have to take my word for it. We also filled the time by taking pictures. So there is one with me and my sister Jen. Then there is one with us two and my sister Kris once she got there. I then left trying to get toasted almonds. I wish I had never tried those darn things. By then they had closed down all the food things inside the Center. I had to go out side. There were two lines and one seemed to be going pretty fast. So I thought good and got in that line. It was only a few minutes later when we were told that you had to stand in the fast line just to pay, then go over to the next slow line and wait for our nuts. When I say slow, imagine a snails pace and then take it down a notch. Sheesh louise. I took a picture of the view from the back of the line. Happily the girl in front of me said "here I'll pay for you and you go get in the other line for me." This was a brilliant plan, as it cut our time down drastically. We tried to laugh and joke while we were waiting, but time was ticking by. Were we prepared to miss the Prophet in order to get the nummy nuts? My new found friend said we should listen to Sheri Dew and just walk away from the world, but it smelled so good, we couldn't make ourselves leave. (I am sure this is a parable involving Satan's tactics or something.) And we had paid by then. So we watched the clock and prayed. Once we got close enough, we could see the problem. There was just one olderish lady sloooooowly filling each cone with nuts. Then she would have to weigh it and put a few more in or take a few out. Oh mylanta! It was torture to watch. We all kept saying, we could we just serve our selv
es or at the very least lend her a hand. Surely we could get the job done faster. Finally after standing there so long, I needed to trim my nails, I got to the front and left with my precious cargo. I am still not sure if I made the right choice, but those cinamon toasted almonds were scrumptious. And I did make it back in time. Here are some other random pictures. My sister Jen showing us her handiwork. She, my mom, and my sister Amie all crocheted a scarf for the Humanitarian center during the two days they were in classes. You go girls. My crocheting skills leave a lot to be desired, so I remained on the cheerleading team for mission Warm Neck. Sorry Mom and Amie, I did not get pictures of your handiwork.
Then I had to snap a shot of this cool Cosmo van. My football scrapbook will not be complete without it. So go Cougars! Finally it was time for the closing session to begin. What a fun way to spend the time waiting.

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