Friday, May 23, 2008

My budding photographer

Diana loves to take pictures with my camera. She is actually getting quite good at it. A few weeks ago she had this photo shoot with our 3 year old friend Abby. And yes, Abby has a remarkable resemblance to Dakota Fanning. After taking the pictures, Diana figured out how to make them black and white, which is something I have not learned to do yet. What is it with kids and technology?
Here is a sweet pose. I am not sure if it was Abby's own idea or Diana's.
And here is the same shot in black and white.
This one is just too adorable.
And here is Abby's younger brother, Andrew. Nice job guys!


Jennifer said...

Wow, those are great. I bet T* was excited to see those. I can't believe how big Andrew is. In my head he is still a new born. Funny how that works.

Eliza said...

What a great talent to have! Way to go Diana!