Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Running a marathon

Lest any of you get the misguided notion that I have somehow taken up running, let me assure you I am still a couch potato. But let me explain the title of this post. After several years of experience, I have come to the conclusion that the month of May is as taxing and exhausting as running a marathon. Why the establishment of higher education can not realize this, I am not sure. Perhaps they delight in torturing parents. Yeah, I bet that's it. This month Diana has had 3 choir concerts, and a dress rehearsal. Jared had two orchestra concerts and his eighth grade dance. Diana also had her A+ showcase that her school choir sang at. Besides that there was a special stake relief society event. And then there is just the normal life of soccer, young mens and young womens, activity days, oh yeah and dinner. Strange how people think they still need to eat every day no matter what else is going on. In addition to all this, apparently May is the perfect month for weddings and baby births. And on top of all of that, I worked for two weeks this month, pretty much full time both weeks. So I guess all this explains my lack of blogging in the month of May. I have a friend and she posted on her blog about how much she loved going to all her kids end of the year activities. She called it a payback month. I need to adopt her attitude. I do enjoy seeing my kids do well and perform, I just feel so exhausted that I haven't had the energy to really enjoy it all like I could have. Maybe next year I can train better. So here's looking forward to June when there is not quite as much going on. Just the kids home for the summer. Yeah that should be real nice and restful.


Marjorie said...

Yes, I know what you mean. It took me a lot of years of insanity until I finally realized that this is just what May is and so hang on, do the best you can, and try not to regret the rest of it. And it helps if you can remember that all too soon they will be gone and you won't have any school functions to go to at all. Enjoy it now!

craig said...

I also Hate May, sadly for me June will not be any easier. July! That is my vacation month.