Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lemonade sells better than random junk

Some friends of mine had a yard sale today. I decided to take a bunch of the stuff in my garage over and add it to their stuff. I have been needing to get rid of all this junk for a long time.
As I was loading my car, a rather remarkable thing happened. While picking up one of the bags of clothes, I noticed some ear phones. I was shocked beyond belief to pull my old mp3 player up from the ground. Apparently what happened, was that I dropped it as I walked into the house from my car way back in April. Because it landed on the bag of clothes, it didn't make any noise when it fell. Hallelujah! It seems like a miracle, and Diana found her old glasses yesterday as well. So I think the Bermuda triangle in my house has yielded up all its treasures. How will I fill my days, without something to look for? I was sure the mp3 player was gone for good, which is why I finally gave in and bought a new bigger, more expensive one. Sheesh.
As least I know that no one at the school stole it, which I really found hard to believe. So now I have two mp3 players. That will be good because then I can have one as a back up if I ever loose one again.In the mean time I was able to get a ton of junk out of my garage. Now we can open the doors to the car without hitting something. Here is Diana showing off our merchandise, a la Vanna White.It really was ridiculous how much stuff I had. I probably could have just stayed at my own house, but it was much more fun to have friends to hang out with. And I benefited from the fact that they chose the date and advertised it, so I could coast on their coattails. I really needed that because I have wanted to hold a yard sale for a long time, but the sun and moon never aligned to make it happen. Oh and the hamster wheel never stopped long enough either.
One of my favorite sayings is that "One man's trash, is another man's treasure". I really do tend to treasure other people's junk. This may be a remnant of my custodial days at BYU. People really do throw away useful things. And don't you just love that about yard sales, that people will come to you house, pay you money, and haul your trash away. What's not to love about that. Oh, maybe the fact that I only sold about $9 worth of stuff. And $2 of that were Diana's barbies, so she got that money. It was probably too hot for most people, and so we really didn't have very many customers. When it was done, I put everything back in my car and took it over to the DI trailer at the stake center. Good riddance and oh, well for not earning more mullah. For me cleaning out my garage and finding my mp3 player were reward enough. As an added bonus, finding that player, seems to have restored some of my sanity, because I really thought I had lost my mind. Of course I will never get back the hours of my life I have wasted looking for it.
Diana and her friend Jared ran a lemonade stand. They had more customers than we did, as some people stopped to buy lemonade and didn't even come to our yard sale. These two were ecstatic about their profits. At some point Diana came up with the idea that they could offer a free gift from the yard sale with every purchase. She also was very good at announcing to everyone that they were selling lemonade. These two young entrepreneurs made almost $8 together. So with Diana's profit from barbies she came home with more cash than I did.
All in all it was a very successful day. Like my friend said, there is something very freeing about getting rid of stuff you don't want or need. It almost makes you breathe easier. So hooray for clean sweeping. Well, I still have more to get rid of from the garage, but this was a good start.


Amie Earl said...

I know that there is this emotional energy that is tied up with extra junk that we have laying around. Yea for you two and earning a little extra cash.

Kris said...

I went to an organizational class that said that unfinished business is an energy drain. Yeah for shutting off the drain on your DI stuff.