Saturday, June 14, 2008

Diana's New Glasses

It has been one whole year since Diana went to the optometrist and found out she needed glasses. As has been chronicled on this blog, it has been a year fraught with anxiety and turmoil about where those darn glasses were. It seemed that it was almost unheard of, for them to actually be on Diana's face where they belonged. Instead they were in her room, or my room, or the family room, or the bathroom, or on the top of my head being kept safe and unbent. You get the picture. Probably a huge problem is that I have been unable to train her/me to put them in the same place every time she takes them off. And hence we have be able to participate in the never ending game of "Find the glasses?" This is a game that involves things like me crawling all over the house on hands and knees in search of the lost peepers. Or at other times it involved me taking her to school, only to have her say "Oh I forgot my glasses?" At which point I go home and retrieve them. I could do without such fun in my life as the only prize seems to be the losing of my sanity and lost years off my life expectancy. I suppose that I need to let her suffer when she forgets them, but somehow it seems to cruel. Maybe after this year, I will be better at training her to be more responsible.
So off we went to the eye doctor. Good news her prescription has only changed a small bit. Bad news, we could not find the glasses to take with us to the appointment. Aaaaagggghhh! So I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a new pair. That way when/if we found the old ones we would have a back up pair. Actually I figured the fastest way to find the old ones, was to buy new ones. I was sure that the old ones would turn up the very day we plunked down cash for new ones. But no, I was wrong. It is still most perplexing. So here is a shot of her with her new stylish frames. I like them a lot and they are her favorite color purple. Now if only the millennium would hurry up and get here we could all be perfected and not need such things as glasses.

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