Monday, June 9, 2008

Now you see 'em, now you don't

Saturday night I was shopping at Smith's with Diana. This of course was kind of bad in that I went in to buy milk and ended up with a cart full of stuff that cost $75. But as we were waiting in the check out line a blog worthy incident happened. The two people in front of us had a little girl with them. It looked like a mom and a grandma and the little girl was about two or three. One of the shelves of candy had been removed from the aisle. This made a cool entrance to a cave behind the candy shelf that was still there. While the mom and grandma were looking the other way, the little girl did what any small child would do. She walked behind the shelf into the small dark space, completely out of sight. If I hadn't watched her do it, I wouldn't have known where she went either. When the grandma looked around, you could see the panic in her eyes. Where could the little girl be, she had just been there seconds ago. I hurried to inform her where the little girl had gone. The grandma was visibly relieved. We laughed about how easy it is to loose little kids that age. I then made Diana pose for the picture to go with the story.

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