Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Volunteer breakfast

Last week was a breakfast that the elementary school puts on for the parents who help through out the year. You know that is why I spend three hours every week, so I can get a muffin at the end of the year. They did give us a cute little hand out that was a hand cookie cutter because we are "helping hands". Get it.
Here is Diana modeling the sugar cookies they made for us. Somehow there was some mix up with the delivery of the muffins and fruit and so when we first got there all there was to eat was the cookies. But that is OK, like I said I don't help for the food. I feel a sense of real accomplishment just with how many copies I have made this year. And yes, I am glad it is over. I don't think fourth grade will be anything like this year. In fact, they are going to try something new in fourth grade. They are going to have one class of all boys, one class of all girls, and two co-ed classes. I have signed Diana up for the all girl class. I think it could be a great thing to be away from the boys that have a hard time sitting still. We will see how it goes. Our school has not tried it before, but they visited a school that is doing it and having good results.

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