Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clean Sweep

I hesitate a little bit to post this because it may be revealing to much information about myself. Especially of a not very flattering nature. But since I am pretty much an open book, why not. If you did not know this, I am a person who struggles with being organized and neat. I actually do like things to be orderly and I feel so much better when things are picked up. It just does not come naturally to me. It requires a lot of effort and time on my part. These are things I that I have been lacking in a major way. And hence my room had become something akin to a war zone over the past few months. It was the place that I just stashed everything. I have been working on several scrap booking projects and I think it looked like a scrap booking store exploded all over the place. So several weeks ago I went to a yard sale that was a total answer to prayer. For $125 dollars I purchased three bookshelves, a dresser, wardrobe, laundry hamper, and storage cube thing. Several of these things were from IKEA. I love that place. So with some great places to put things, I set out to tackle the monumental disaster, otherwise known as my room. Here is a somewhat before shot. I had already transferred my scrapbooks to a larger shelf. This is so happy because I had outgrown this smaller shelf. I think it will go to Jared who needs something, since he gave up his desk. So here is the before shot.
And here is After, a bit better don't ya think?Another before:
Here is the bookshelf I got at the yard sale, that now happily fits all of my scrapbooks. I know I am out of control, but someday hopefully my posterity will thank me.
Then here is the great storage thing that came from Ikea originally. This is so awesome, I don't even have words for it. I have managed to put all of my scrap booking stuff in it. It is sixteen inches square and so even my 12 x 12 paper fits in it. I think a round of the Hallelujah chorus is in order!
And here is a shot of it with the doors open. I still need further organizing inside of it, because for now I just put like things together on shelves. But it is so happy to have it all in there and be able to just close the door.
This really is just the happiest things to happen to me in a long time. Now if I can just carry forward to the rest of the house. I have to admit it is a bit tempting to just sit on my bed and admire my good work and bask in the peace and organization that exists there. As I get the rest of the shelves done I will have to post about them. And the dresser is for Trent's room. That will be a huge improvement. So yay for organization that doesn't have to cost a fortune!


peacekeeper said...

YOU ROCK! that looks awesome! keep up the good work!

Amie Earl said...

I have also vowed to keep my crafting space clean and tidy. It is easier to let the creative jucies flow when it is orderly. Good Job on organizing it feel so great.


Marjorie said...

Awesome! You really scored this time! It will be so nice for you to be able to find your supplies easily!

Shawna said...

WOW, just WOW!