Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mother in Training

Sometimes I have worried how Diana would be able to learn to take care of babies and be able to babysit. Obviously we are not going to have another baby just to solve this problem. I think the solution will be our wonderful ward family. We have several good friends who Diana helps take care of their kids on a fairly regular basis. She seems to have a natural love for kids. It is probably a girl thing. But really she has a fan club of 3 year-olds, who just love her and look forward to seeing her each week.
Friday night we went and babysat for the wife of our scout master. She had a fun scrap booking class to go to and a husband gone to camp for the whole week. She has 4 kids, 3 of them are under four years old. Since her husband took Jared to scout camp, I probably should have moved into her house for the week to help her out. (by the way, our house was eerily quiet with Jared gone all week, it was pretty much heaven) Eliza is an amazing person and a saint to boot. Who else would let their husband go to camp every year since they have been married? Regardless of how many small children she needs his help with. I have not doubt that a special place in heaven is reserved for scout master wives. I hope they will invite me to visit them.

Anyway so we went over to babysit. I have to admit to being a bit worried how it would go, since the youngest is a two month old nursing baby. He was fed right before she left and he never even complained the whole night. What a good sweet baby. At one point all the kids, including Diana were sitting on the bed watching a movie.

Babysitting with Diana is the easiest thing ever. She pretty much does all the work/playing and I am just the adult in charge to get people out of the house in case of fire. The whole evening went so well, I am so glad we did it.

The next morning there was a primary activity at the church. It had an Olympic theme, but centering on special Olympics where the kids learned about different kinds of handicaps. Diana had a great time. Here is a shot of her in the wheel chair that they used to play wheel chair basketball.

Then she needed another turn to hold the baby. It was kind of sad that he slept so much the night before.Yes, I think I have no need to worry. She will be able to get plenty of practice and be well prepared for any babysitting jobs in her future.

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