Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Puppet Palooza

Yesterday, I took Diana, her friend Alison, and another friend Eliza to a puppet show at the library. It was really cute, although pretty short. The best part was that they let the kids play with the puppets after the show. That was really fun and they had some pretty cool puppets."We need to get across that bridge to eat the green grass"
Here is a fox puppet. Pretty cool, huh?
Chicken anyone?

Oh, No, this shark is attacking me!I always knew I was a birdbrain, now I have proof?


Amie Earl said...

Looks like the chicken laid a good egg!!

Eliza said...

Pat, You're a wild woman!

Marjorie said...

Cool (or coolio as they say these days)! At our library you can check out these puppets and take them home. Can you do that there?