Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

A big happy father's day to the two men in my life. First my dear husband and father to my children. Look at this picture, we look like babies. Thanks for all the fun throughout the years. I appreciate what a good father you are to our children. Next to my dear own father. I am so lucky to have been born to you and mom. These are a few of my favorite pictures. This one is called "tummy talking". I guess when I was upset as a baby, this would always work to calm me down. I love the smile on my dad's face.

Then I love this next picture. First great hair on me, huh? This picture could be a symbol of my relationship with my dad. He has never let me down. No matter what. Lastly, here is a picture taken last year at Diana's baptism. I am so grateful to have both of my parents for both their guidance and friendship. So, Dad, I hope you have a great Father's Day. I wish I could be there is person. I love you!

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