Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dace Recital Deja Vu!

Friday night, Diana and I went to watch our good friend Eliza in her first dance recital. Eliza is one of Diana's cute little friends at church. Actually she is kind of like a little sister to Diana. Eliza, congratulations on doing a good job and also not hurting yourself when you almost fell off the stage. Eliza is taking dance where Diana took her lessons for two or three years. Diana's teacher is still teaching there. She is a hoot and it was fun to see her again. It brought back many memories. Here are some pictures of Diana's recital in May of 2004. They danced to the song "Men in Black" and "We are Siamese". It was so cute. And I kind of went on curl overload with sponge rollers in Diana's hair. Then there are a few shots of her in her class. She is so naturally limber. Perhaps we need to get her back into dance again. If not we will have these special memories to last a lifetime.

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