Monday, June 16, 2008

Wild Waterpark Wetness

Saturday, Diana convinced me that it would be a great idea to go to our local pool that has slides. If you remember I talked about it in an earlier post. She is now officially tall enough to go down the big slides. We took our next door neighbor, Kori with us. Other than the fact that there were about a million people there and it was about 102 degrees, it wasn't too bad. It was nice that we took a friend because I told them that they had to stay together, no matter what. Such safety in the buddy system. Here they are waiting in line for the slide.I managed to score myself a chair in the shade. So I plopped myself down there with a good magazine to read. I was right next to the slide, and the girls would come and check in with me now and then. The heat was a bit bad, but there was a bit of a breeze, and occasionally I would go and get my feet wet. The thing I could do with out the most at public swim places, is the indecent exposure. Good grief people, cover up. Also I wore my new clip on sunglasses. I don't' think I have posted about these coolio things. They attach to my glasses magnetically. This is flippin sweet. Also it is nice to have your eyes protected from the glaring blaze of the sun.
Here is Diana modeling the sunglasses. Pretty stylin', huh?
Here is a most amazing picture of Diana coming down the slide. This took me a lot of tries to get this shot. I have a lot of pictures of just an empty slide, due to the delay that digital cameras seem to have. Finally this picture met with Diana's approval.
And here are Diana and Kori posing by the measurement marker. They both got carded or well measured more than once at the top of the slide. But they made it OK both times, much to their delight. It is a big day in both of their short lives. Short both in years and height. This picture almost makes it look like they are not tall enough, but let me assure you they are 48 inches tall.


Eliza said...

Looks like it was fun! I love you new shades!

Jennifer said...

Very fun. I really like Diana's suit, it is very cute. And I agree your shades are coolio.

SEBishop said...

I love kids and water parks! I have a hard time getting my teenage boys to go with Carson, Jessie and I. They don't think it is COOl to be seen with Mom.