Thursday, June 26, 2008

Temple Trip

Yesterday I went with the youth to do baptisms at the temple. Due to vacations and EFY, we were missing a lot of kids and leaders, but it still went really well and we had a great time.
Afterwards, we ate dinner in the cafeteria. I had a very yummy oriental chicken salad, and of course a roll. Can someone explain to me why the temple cafeteria always has the best tasting rolls? Some of the girls decided to go back and get some dessert. But they ended up buying two rolls each. Which I can totally see, I would rather have delicious rolls than chocolate cake. I went to see what they were doing just as they brought out a fresh tray of rolls. They were still warm from the oven. They were irresistible, so I got two for myself. At .35 they were more than worth it. Oh my goodness, can we say heaven. Serving the Lord and warm rolls, it doesn't get better than this, people. I scarfed one of them down as we were walking up the stairs to go outside. But here is a picture of me with one of the remaining delicacies. As it usually does, something strange and humorous happened to me while in the temple. I went out to the lobby to tell the other young women leader that we were eating in the cafeteria. There was a sister worker talking with the two men who were at the recommend desk. As I walked up, I noticed something on her hair. Closer inspection revealed that it was a live grasshopper. I swear the antennae on this thing were an inch long. And they were moving back and forth, gross. I wasn't sure what the polite thing to do would be. Do you just ignore the fact that the person you are talking to has a live insect on their head? Or do you point the fact out. It seems like a rather strange thing to say: "Excuse me, did you know that you have a grasshopper on you hair?" Well I could not just let her go on, if it was me I would want to know. So I pointed it out. She said "Well get it off me." I was reticent to touch it, or swipe at her head with my slipper. I told the men that they ought to get it. I am not sure if it they were hard of hearing or blind, but they did not seem to share our sense of urgency to get it. So finally I stepped up to the plate and swiped it off with my hand. EEEEWWWW! The men then said they hoped I didn't kill it because it was their friend and had been hanging out there for some time. What the heck? Is it just me, or does that seem like an odd response? And then we couldn't find it anywhere. It just seemed to disappear. Maybe I imagined the whole thing, but I really don't think so. Has anyone else had any strange animal/insect experiences at the temple? No, I didn't think so. Yeah, I am pretty sure it is just me and my life that things like this happen to.Here we all are for the obligatory group shot. Notice the girl on the right with her rolls in her hand.
Here is one that includes the spire. You can't really see people though.

And here is a shot of just the temple. I am glad I could go, it is always fortifying to be in the house of the Lord even if the experience did include a close encounter of the bug kind.


Marjorie said...

Actually, I do have an insect story to tell. The Seattle temple has ladybugs in the front wall (the one with the stained glass windows) on the third floor. They always appear every spring and though I haven't asked why they can't get rid of them, they evidently can't because I see them every year. They are outside the largest sealing room and when I take the children up there to be sealed from the youth center it is really hard to keep them reverent when they want to get down and play with the ladybugs!

When we first started working in the sealing office as I made the rounds of the sealing rooms each morning to turn on all the lights and make sure we were ready for the day I had to stop and pick up all the ladybugs that were walking down the hall. At least they are quiet and reverent!
Good thing God loves all of His creatures!

Leticia said...

Pat...This is hilarious!! I can't stop laughing....the bug part of it...I don't know what would have been the proper thing to do....I am glad you had a great time at the temple though!!! It would be hard to keep a straight face when talking while Mr. Grasshopper is giving you the once over!
ToO too Funny! I must share this post!!!! Can I post it on my blog?