Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm a Loser

Probly most of you guessed this already, but just in case you need more evidence, let me share the events of Sunday with you. Actually I should start with Saturday night. I drove Jared and his friends home from Ice Skating at 10:00 pm. In order to drive my car, I must have had the car keys. I think that is pretty much a given in this theorem we are proving. Sunday morning about 10:45 am, I needed to take Jared to the church to set up for the sacrament. After about five minutes of searching, I remembered that I found my extra key in my purse. So I grabbed that and took him to church. I came back home and got Diana. We returned to the church. If, I was being honest I would have to admit that the morning did not go very well. All my children were being obstinate about getting ready. It was hot that day and we were still holding out on turning the AC back on. I had not slept well the night before. All these factors added up to a mom that says "fold your arms and be reverent, if you want to live" as we were walking into the church. Needless to say, I do not have a definite memory of where I put my car key. My spare key is just that, a key with no key chain or anything. I think I put it into the outside pocket of my scripture tote. So I was fairly dismayed, when after church I could not find my key anywhere. After about fifteen minutes of looking, I just got a ride home from someone.
Now I faced the dilemma of having no keys for my car. I looked for my other key a little bit, but no luck. Eventually I took a nap. After my nap I looked some more. I kept thinking that it would turn up sometime. Nope. Nada. Nilch . Feeling a sense of despair and despondency descending upon me, I took my search up a notch. My car came originally with two sets of keys. Of course I have lost one of those and just have one left with the clicker. Then I had three extra just metal keys made. I am down to just one of those, before Sunday. So I thought maybe I could find the other key with the clicker on it.
I took all the coats out of the coat closet and looked in every pocket. I took all my pants out and looked in each of their pockets. It was really beyond ridiculous and I have to admit to being in tears by the end of it. Perhaps I could blame it on hormones or something not as lame as just losing it. But I am a loser after all, so what else could I do, but lose it?
So after this fun adventure, the next step was to go back to the church. Marion went with me since by now it was 10 pm. Yep, you guessed it, no luck there either. All the chairs were stacked up, so maybe someone found it and turned it in to the clerk's office. We looked in the car to see if maybe I left it there. Marion was shining a flashlight in trying to see something when I just opened the door, because of course I hadn't locked it without my usual clicker thing. I don't know if this was good or not, but I couldn't bring myself to lock the car, knowing that I had no key to open it with. Maybe the lock smith would charge less to come and make a key, if he could already get into the car.
We returned home. I, by now was completely exasperated, frustrated, and had given up hope of finding the key. I joked with Marion that it would be good if I couldn't drive and I should just be grounded to my room. Marion then picked up the search. This is the beauty of having two people in a marriage. When one of you had lost energy, the other person can pick up and go on. This is where the miracle happened, because guess what? Marion found the keys in the outside pocket of my purse. Cheese Louise. I pretty much just said:


Followed by "Thank you, you are my hero!"

We then drove back to the church and I retrieved my car. Good thing too because I had left the interior light on when we were there before, yikes. So all is well that ends well.
Here is a small list of things I have lost in the past month:
car keys
mp3 player
library books
years off my life expectancy

So maybe one of the benefits of my quest to be more organized will be less things lost around here. One can always dream, right?


Eliza said...

Yeah, you're back! I've been missing your updates, and now I got to read a ton. It sounds like life is busy and good for you. I love reading all of your adventures. Sorry about your keys, and honestly why do you still have a library card? :)

Emily said...

I'm a loser too, and the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem! :)
I am so glad you found your keys, your hair is darling, love all the home improvement projects, glad you survived this crazy month, and most of all I love to read about it! Thanks for posting, and welcome back to the Blogosphere, even if it is just for a short while until the summer crazies take over!

The Webber's said...

Sounds like you have been a very busy lady! I was glad to get caught up on your crazy life - Your blog is always entertaining!