Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Amazing Race

Well, I returned last night safe and sound. Well maybe not so sound, but I am back to normal life. It was very nice to have a break for a few days and see my family in Seattle. We certainly had very yummy food and I may have gained 5 pounds in 4 days, thank goodness I wasn't there any longer. One of my favorite TV shows is the Amazing Race. I was able to experience on a small scale the trials of traveling. As seems to be the case often in my life, my airplane rides were a bit out of the ordinary.
I flew out of Las Vegas Friday night. I had never done this before, but apparently Friday night is the ideal time to go through security at McCarren Airport. I was shocked to see the shortest line I have ever experienced. After arriving at my gate in record time, I grabbed a salad for dinner and read my book while waiting for the plane to board. I was in the last group to be called to board the plane. Most of the other passengers had already boarded. As we lined up, the Airline worker said to her co-worker, "I think we may have to unload the plane, because it was hit by lightening when it was landing." This made those of us in line a tiny, bit concerned. I quickly called my brother-in-law who is a pilot to ask if this is any thing worth worrying about. Someone else in line actually got out of line and I think was having reservations about getting on the plane. My brother-in-law reassured me that planes are hit by lightening often and it really is nothing to worry about. The airlines just has to have someone come out and inspect the plane to make sure it is safe to fly it. Sadly right when the inspector came, there was a huge thunderstorm and he could not inspect the plane because OSHEA has rules about people being out near the planes during a thunderstorm. Our pilot gave us several updates, telling us that things would be delayed. At one point he tried to soothe any irritated people by telling us "It is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than to be in the air wishing you were on the ground." He had a point there. I was worried because I had to connect to another plane in San Fransisco. But I tried to look on the bright side, that if I was stranded at the airport all night, I could just pretend I was on the Amazing Race. Finally we took off about 45 mins late. I did have an hour for my connection, so I still had a chance to make it. And happily, I did make it just fine. So all was well that ended well.
Coming home, I only got to the airport an hour early, which normally is plenty of time. In the past I have never waited more than 10 minutes for security. I am not quite sure why, but there was a very long line yesterday, and it was moving pretty slow. I did make it through after about 35 minutes and then I hurried to my gate. With 15 minutes to spare, I quickly bought some stuff to take home to my kids at the corner store. While I was waiting to pay, a lady with a crying baby came and got in line behind me. I should be more sympathetic, but I selfishly thought "I hope that baby is not on my flight". The mom didn't even seem to be tyring to console the child. I wonder she always cries. If this were a movie, ominous music would be playing. Finally I boarded my plane. My seat was 22C which was the very last row of the plane. I had to drag my suitcase all the way to the back. And wouldn't you know it, there was that lady and the baby who was still crying. I thought "Well at least I am at the back of the plane." (more ominous music) As I made my way to the back, I felt badly because I kept bumping people that were overflowing into the aisle. My parade to the back was accompanied by me saying "Pardon me, excuse me, and I 'm so sorry" repeated over and over again. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, I made it to the back of the plane. Imagine my concern, when the last row of the plane was 21 not 22. I said to the flight attendant, "I don't mean to be demanding or a problem, but my row seems to be missing from the plane. Does this mean I have to sit in the bathroom?" A last minute plane change was the reason for the problem, so he called and got me a new seat assignment. And you probably guessed already that it was at the front of the plane. Yep seat 7D. So I began my pilgrimage back up front, and wouldn't you know it, I was in the row behind the crying baby. That is what I get for feeling smug, when I walked past them the first time. Not only that, but there were two other smallish children who both proceeded to cry off and on during the flight. I know it could have been worse, they could have been mine. Trying my best to ignore it, I read my book. Perhaps in the future it would be fortuitous to bring earplugs. This time the flight was not delayed. Going home I connected in LAX. I had an hour there and got some dinner. Finally I arrived in Las Vegas at 8:30. This was perfect, because Marion had just returned from Scouts. He and Diana came and picked me up at the airport.
Everyone at home seemed to have survived nicely without me. Once again a big thank you to my parents and sisters for a restful, fun weekend and to my dear husband for covering everything while I was gone.

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peacekeeper said...

i am glad you arrived home safely and that you had a fun weekend. you all were so productive...we now have dates for the reunion next summer...xmas exchanges assigned...and tree ornaments divided up...i applaud you and your sisters and mom of course for a job well done. :)