Friday, September 7, 2007

Blast from the past

I know that I am making a lot of posts in one day, but it seems like I have a hard turn getting a turn on the computer and so I am taking advantage of it while no one else is wanting a turn. I know this a very belated post, but I wanted to put it on anyway. Here is a picture I took last spring when I was in Provo, for women's conference. This is the house Marion and I lived in the first 5 years we were married. Yes, this is good old 1009 N. University Avenue. It was incredibly cheap which was such a blessing while we were both in school. For the first two years we lived in the back basement apartment (#4) and paid $125 a month for rent including our heat. This got us a kitchen complete with water heater and pipes running along the ceiling, and a smallish bedroom, and a bathroom. The bathroom was really a closet someone has added plumbing to, Marion could not even stand up straight in the place. Then we moved to the front basement apartment (#3) and paid $150 a month for the next 3 years. For the extra money we got a living room besides the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom and not even any pipes on the ceiling. I know that I am old, but that was a fabulous deal even twenty years ago. Anyway this picture has kind of a funny story behind it. As I was leaving BYU, I stopped by to see my old home. There was a repairman looking at the front lawn, and he came over to see why I had stopped. I told him that I just wanted a picture of the place for old time's sake. He told me that wasn't good enough and to get out of the car so he could take the picture with me in it. I got out and stood in front of the house. He again said it wasn't good enough and told me to hold my arms out. And that is how this picture came to be. The place looks remarkably the same except for the large tree that was taken out to make room for the parking lot on the side. We have some great memories from those days. We had a great view of any parades that came down University Avenue during the year. It was very close to campus which was ideal. We had great neighbors who became great friends. Also we had great fun watching BYU sports and playing in the intramural sports programs. Yes, dear old house, thanks for the memories.

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peacekeeper said...

everytime i drive by your old stomping ground i think of you. that is a great picture so kodos to the repairman. :)