Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mama's got a new pair of wheels!

Well for better or worse, I have purchased a new car. People keep asking me if I am excited and I don't know how to explain that I just feel pretty much numb about it. I am beyond thrilled to have a car so that I could turn the rental car in, before some other horrible thing happened to it. You know like being hit by lightning, a tree falling on it, or a meteor falling from the sky, just normal everyday happenings. I tried to take it back last Saturday, but wouldn't you know that they are not open on Saturday and they were closed on Monday as well for the holiday. So I was forced to be responsible for it for a few more days and wouldn't you know that when I came back home and parked it in the garage I did not pull in all the way and when I closed the garage door, it put a large scrape in the bumper. Cheese Louise! and many other expletives I can not write in this family friendly format. Anyhow you can see why I shook the dust off my shoes and walked away from that evil, cursed rental car. In fact when I took the car back, I told the guy that the car was most likely cursed and they might want to warn the next person that rents the car. Maybe they would even want to have an exorcism or some other ceremony to frighten away the spirits of peril that seem attached to the car. Anyway, one good thing, the guy checking the car in was so concerned with the damage to the front of the car, that he did not seem to notice the scratch in the back. So I can check one thing off the monumentally long list of insurance agents and other such people I need to call.

So my new car is pretty much like my old car, a Hyundai elantra. Except instead of being gold, the new one is black, and instead of being a standard the new car is an automatic, and instead of having 50,000 miles the new one only has 28,000, and instead of being paid for, the new one has a loan. Also the new car still has the sun visor on the passenger side, because no child has managed to break it off yet and the new one does not have a red stain on the front seat where a crayon melted permanently into the fibers of the seat. Another difference would have to be that the new one does not have a scratch on the bumper from my garage door, YET. I got the car from the same guy I bought my old car from, he gets them at the auto auction. After my insurance settlement I will only owe a couple thousand, so I guess that is not too bad for a car loan. I was shocked at how high interest rates are but oh well I guess that is life. The other sad thing is that the new car has a cassette player instead of a CD player. That can be changed pretty easily, so it is no big deal. Also my old car had a hideous back door on the passenger side. This was the result of a time when I backed down my driveway before Diana had closed the door and the door was bent backwards by a brick wall next to the driveway. Then in a "what was I thinking" moment, I let someone in a parking lot talk me into letting them try to fix it and then in an even stupider moment, I paid them for turning my door into what looked like mobile graffiti. Anyway, that door has had problems for the past two years and I am not sad to see that part of my old car totaled. So all in all I think I may have come out ahead in that I now have a car that is in better shape. The new car does have a few small dents, but I told the guy buying it for me now to worry about that, because it will end up like that anyway. I am very happy to have the matter settled. Now I have more time for talking to insurance agents and such. And of course there is traffic school to help fill any moments of boredom. I guess that will just involve watching a video for an hour, so how bad can it be? Maybe it will prove interesting enough to warrant writing about.

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peacekeeper said...

congrats on the new wheels. life can only get better so smile :) we love you!!!