Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good news, Diana's bike isn't gone for good, just my brain!

Well I had reported a while ago that Diana's bike was stolen. She was very sad about this, but replacing it has still not made it to the top of the priority list. We saw a bike just like hers at Savers one day, and wondered if it even was hers. So imagine how amazed I was when I picked her up from a friend's house last Saturday and she informed me that her bike was there. It turns out that Diana took her bike to the church for a pioneer primary parade for the 24th of July. I think I had to go to work that day or something, and so this friend offered to bring her home from the activity. Somehow the bike did not make it back to our house. Good grief, this probably happened only a few weeks before we discovered the bike was missing. You would think that I could remember that she had it at the church. I honestly thought that we had not seen it all summer long. So good news, we found the bike, now if I could only find my brain things would really be looking up.


peacekeeper said...

just glad it is home safe. i bet diana is excited for its return. and yea you dont have to buy another bike. amie told me you are going to seattle...hope its true cause i just sent your pic cd to your moms along with everyone elses that will be there :)

Teresa said...

Hey Pat,
Pretty funny stuff. I think your brain might be with mine, so if you find them, please alert me.
Love you,