Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Four Quirks about me!

OK, I am copying this idea from the famous e-bay auction lady's blog. But I of course have my own unique and different quirks from her so I don't really feel that it is copying. She received an e-mail tagging her it, telling her to identify her 6 quirks. She could only come up with 4 but they are very funny and worth reading, if you haven't already. You can find her blog at I like this quirk idea more than the usual quiz e-mails that you get. You know the ones that ask what's your favorite ice cream and things like that. Now people's quirk's that sounds like possible entertaining information.

So let's see, what should be the first quirk I discuss. How about when I eat Almond Roca, a favorite of mine, I like to scrape the chocolate and nuts off the inside toffee with my teeth. Then I am left with a yummy toffee center to eat all by itself. This may defeat the candy makers intent to have the toffee and the chocolate mixed together, but I kind of like the two tastes separate. That sounds kind of quirky.

Another quirk of mine would have to be my addiction to crunching on ice. I don't know where it came from or even when it started. I just love ice. And even though I know that it is not great for my teeth I can not seem to help myself. For those of you unaware, there is "good" ice and "bad" ice. The "good" ice tends to be softer and even somewhat like snow. "Bad" ice is really hard to crunch and not worth the effort or possible broken teeth. I know which of my local stores sell the "good" ice, and I will go out of my way to get it. I do have to say that I am a bit sad when the boys in my family waste my "good" ice by just using it to keep their water cold in their water jug at soccer practice. But I can hardly buy the "bad" ice for them and train to them to only use that ice and how would I differentiate for them and keep it separate in the freezer? This dilemma had reduced me to just sharing my precious "good" ice and restocking my supply more often. The place I work for sometimes, has the best ice machine. The ice it produces is really soft, more like shaved ice. I am in heaven when I am there, and I really need one of those machines at my house. See I told you it was quirky.

That leads me to my next quirk. I am always cold. I know the fact that I like ice seems to contradict the fact that I hate to be cold, but hey we are talking about quirks not common sense. The best thing ever is to be able to crunch ice while sitting in a hot tub, because then you will not get cold from the ice. Of course one might think that being cold in Las Vegas would be a rare occurrence. This is not the case because air conditioning was designed by men. And every one knows that men are always hot, so they have set up these systems to cool buildings to 30 below. It has taken me a while to finally accept and embrace the fact that this is so. Now when I go to see a movie during the summer, I wear long pants, bring a jacket and/or a blanket, thermal underwear, and hand warmers. Last time I went, I foolishly did not require my children to make the same preparations and ended up sharing my blanket, which left me not quite as warm as I wanted to be. Well to add to my quirkiness, I almost never go to church without my blanket. Why should babies get to be the only ones who get to spend 3 hours wrapped in warmth? During the winter I add my down filled coat and gloves to my arsenal of warmth. I practically worship that coat and it has to be one of the best things I have ever purchased from Savers. It is so warm and has a fur lined hat, that I am not to proud to wear in the name of warmth even if it messes up my hair. One day at church, a gentleman spoke to me after watching me in my blanket and coat. He asked if perhaps I had a deficiency. I thought to myself, of course I have deficiencies, duh. He seemed to sense my thoughts and clarified that he meant a vitamin, mineral or hormone deficiency not mental or some other insulting deficiency. I have had my blood checked yearly, but always get the report back that says physically I am fine. Of course mental deficiencies can not be tested by blood work so maybe that may be where my problem lies. In an event, I also make sure to take my blanket with me to institute. So actually as uncomfortable as the heat in the summer can be, my least favorite part of Vegas is in the winter when it actually is cold for two or three months.

This leads me to another quirk and that is that I don't really care how I look in public. I am not sure when this started either. I can remember going to early morning seminary in my pajamas and wrapped in a blanket every day. (again with the blanket) Even sometimes I went with hot rollers in my hair. I know that today, I would make a wonderful candidate for "what not to wear". I think that it is not so much that I don't care what I look like, as it is that all my life, if it was a choice between 5 minutes more sleep and putting on make up, sleep wins every time. At this point in my life, my children have sucked dry any energy that might have gone to making myself more presentable to the public at large. Yes I am blaming this quirk on years of sleep deprivation.

Well these are the only things that come to mind right now. Perhaps if I think of more, I will put them in another post. I have no doubt that there are many more, but that I am in denial about them. Hope you found this mildly entertaining. It is probably old news to most of you.

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peacekeeper said...

your quirks are what make you YOU and I love therefore i must love your least i do find them amusing. have a great day!!!