Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trent has a new pair of wheels

Well something rather exciting and unexpected has happened. We have purchased another car, bringing the total cars at our house to four. Marion has a 2001 white Astra van, I have a 2005 black Elantra, Trent now has a 2000 white Ford focus, and we also have a 1989 grey honda Accord. I can't remember if I ever wrote about the honda. It is kind of a sad car story, so I may have opted to edit it out in the hopes that I could erase the darn thing from my memory.

It all started last spring, about a month before Trent got his driver's liscense. Our next door neighbor asked us if we wanted to buy this honda he had for just $100. The car was not running at the time, but he assured as that all it needed was a water pump. We decided that it would be a good car for Trent to work on and so we paid him the money. To make a long story short, we ended up spending another $1500 on repairs and the darn thing still did not pass the smog inspection. Also the air conditioning did not work on it and it kept stalling even after all the work was done to it. I did not trust it to get Trent to work and I was gone so much this summer, that he just drove my car. We have been debating what to do with the Honda and whether to sell it and cut our losses. I hated to sell it, if Trent needed something to get to work in.

So that brings us to Monday, when I was sitting at my mechanic's shop getting the oil replaced in my car. He told me that he had this Ford focus he had fixed up and he was selling it for $2400. I checked and the blue book on it is about $4500. It is in really good shape and the air conditioning works in it. So we decided that is was too good of a deal to pass up. Now Trent can get himself to seminary and school and to work when he finds a new job. I think that will not take him to terribly long. And would you believe that it is slightly cheaper to insure the 2000 ford than it is the 1989 Honda. I guess it has something to do with Honda's being stolen all the time. Sheesh, it makes no sense to me. I am just excited to be done taxing that kid around all the time. Maybe now, I will have time for job to help pay for all these new cars. I don't want to get bored or anything.

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