Sunday, September 9, 2007


Marion received a new calling today- Young Men's president. They did not get him released as ward clerk, so he will wear two hats for a week. He is still in a bit of shock, but I know that he will do great. I am the Laurel advisor and so we get to work together with the boys. And Diana thinks she is one of the young women already and loves to come with me to mutual, so now she will always have an excuse to come. Next Saturday we are having a one day retreat with the youth at the Bishop's cabin up on Mt Charleston. It should be a fun day. I think that Marion is going to cook the dutch oven dinner. Diana is going to go and spend the day with friends, so that will be nice.

A shout out to the BYU football team. Thanks for a great exciting game yesterday. I think in some ways I enjoyed it more than the game last week, when there was never even any question that we would win. Of course I would have liked it better this week, if they had won, but it was still very exciting to watch nonetheless. We had a big group here cheering and that was fun. Well Cougars, better luck next week against Tulsa. I am excited that the game is at night so we can watch when we get home. They had this same activity last year, and I was a driver for it even though I was not in young women's at the time. It was the day of the Boston College game that was so exciting, with a heatbreaking overtime loss. I remember that I was listening in the car, and the reception kept going in and out. I about died of suspense wondering what was happening, and took to driving around the neighborhood trying to find a good place for the radio reception. So it is very happy that this year I won't have to go through that again.


peacekeeper said...

wish marion good luck with his new calling he will do great. drew hasnt even watched the game yet cause they lost...he was working a volleyball tournament and i taped it for him. bummer loss better luck next time.

Mical said...

Pat! So fun to find you on here! I haven't talked to you in so long! I can't believe how big Diana is! Where has the time gone??? At least now I can visit your blog and see what you are up to :D