Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another School Picture

Yes, we now have a third school picture for Diana this year. The school takes the class picture in the spring and they always take another individual picture at the same time. This is just one more way that the school is trying to push me over the edge to financial ruin. I only bought the very smallest package. This time there were no surprise accessories showing up in the finished product, however I question the choice of outfit. Since I have long ago given up the notion that I have any input in this area, I am not disappointed. Check out the attitude shot, with the hand on the hip. And I do like the fact that she is wearing her glasses. At least we will know that she did own a pair of glasses, even if they seem to be lost much of the time.


Just Me! said...

What a beautiful face! I totally understand about outfits. SHoppping yesturday with my two-oldest boys went much better than anticipated. Although I still could not convince them to look at or try on clothes other than shirts with sports on them. Their friend could not even convince them that girls really like a well-dressed man better. Oh well. At least I don't have to harrass them to shower as much anymore

peacekeeper said...

what a cutie. she is growing up so fast. i love their little personalities being expressed through their choice in clothing. my brooklyn is going to be our fashion diva. so fun!

Jennifer said...

So cute!! I say the more pictures the merrier, right! Ali loved it too.