Thursday, March 6, 2008

Inconceivable Newsflash

Last weekend, I found out some fabulous, exciting, thrilling, extraordinary, incredible, staggering, astonishing, and amazing news. And I don't even think those adjectives adequately describe the happiness and jubilation I feel about this news. So what could make my heart beat so fast you might ask? It is the announcement that the speaker for this weekend's youth conference will be Lavell Edwards and his wife Patti. For any of you living in a cave, Lavell Edwards is the previous head coach of the BYU cougars. Yes, when I heard the news, I was thrilled beyond belief to the point that jumping up and down was required. Every time I think of it, I am just filled with impatience for this Saturday to get here. And just think of the awesome opportunity for me to improve upon my stalker abilities? Oh, it makes me giddy with anticipation. I have taken all of my pictures and autographs, including the famous turkey "Y" bone and put them into a fun little scrapbook. Do you think Coach Edwards will like my book? And will he be willing to pose with me for a picture? I don't know how I will sleep on Friday night. This is big people. Very big. So just wait until Saturday night, I will have a fun thing to post. Yeah, for wonderful blogging situations.


Just Me! said...

You go STALKER! You make me laugh!

peacekeeper said...

you crack me up. i love it. try to get some sleep so you wont look like you are crazy just a little obsessed. i am sure lavell will pose with you!