Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Springs Preserve

On Tuesday, a bunch of people from our ward went to this very cool place called the Desert Springs Preserve. It is a kind of museum/park where you can learn cool stuff about the desert. The fact that there is cool stuff to learn about the desert is news to me, but apparently there is quite a lot to learn, because we were there for 5 hours and did not see everything. We did have a lot of fun and this was due probably to the fact that we were there with other good friends. Here are some of the fun pictures that I took. One of the kid's favorite places was the outside playground. They played there for what seemed like forever. Afterwards, the younger kids were pretty tired. One of the kids we were with is named Jared, also. It is kind of interesting, but my Jared has a special bond with his younger namesake. He volunteered to give little Jared a piggyback ride. So here is a picture of the Jareds. I sometimes call them Jared squared. It was a very fun day for the kids and helped fill up the boredom of spring break. Here is a picture of Diana next to what looked like the skeleton of a wholly mammoth. One thing I have to say is that is was one of things that by the end of the day you can barely walk to bed. But usually there is some price for a fun time.


Emily said...

I have never heard of this place, but honestly, I want to go! It looks like so much fun!

peacekeeper said...

i like activities that make the final end of the day so wonderful. when you dont even remember your head hitting the pillow. looks like a very cool place to go. we might have to go with you sometime.