Saturday, March 15, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

Here is one good thing about living in Vegas, people do come to visit. This weekend is the basketball championship tournament for the Mountain West Conference. Yeah, for BYU making it to the finals. This may surprise some, but I am not that big of a basketball fan. Of course since it is BYU, I am rooting for them to win, but it is just not the same as football for me. However, the good news is that my aunt Sally Sue and my cousin Dean came up from Mesa to attend the game. Marion and Jared were on a campout, and Trent spent the night at a friends house, so we had more than enough room. Sally was kind enough to take Diana and I out to IHOP for breakfast this morning. Diana was so excited because she has seen the commercials advertising the Green Eggs and ham and Who cakes. She also got this Who drink, which was sprite with blue and red jello chunks floating in it. Go figure. Here she is preparing to enjoy the festive feast. And here is a close up of her food. It turns out she does not like Green Eggs and Ham, not in a box, not with a fox, not in a house, not with a mouse. But she did thoroughly enjoy the Who cakes. Above is a lovely shot of my aunt and cousin. Thanks Dean, for the wonderful shot of SEE food. Come again any time, and GO COUGS in the championship game this afternoon.


Marjorie said...

Fun! I want to know what makes the eggs green! Is it spinach? Is it broccoli? I think Grandpa and I would like them, especially if we could eat them at the Hammond's house! I don't know about the blue syup on the Who cakes.
Go Cougs! Cummard did a great job last night!

peacekeeper said...

i think i am with diana...that doesnt even look good to me. so fun to have visitors. glad you had a good time. go cougs!

craig said...

I made green eggs and ham for Michael and Brandon about 8 years ago. They did not eat it and have not eaten eggs ever since. It was one of my dumbest parenting moments. All to celebrate Dr. Seuss's B-day.