Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Birthday party make over!

Last Saturday, Diana went to a birthday party. This is what she looked like when she came home. This party consisted of going and getting your hair and make up done. According to the Diana it was about the best party she has ever been to. There
was also singing and dancing involved. I am glad it was fun, but I was a bit alarmed that she came home looking like she was sixteen. It is bad enough that she already thinks she is that old, she doesn't need to look that way as well. The place they went is called "Justice for Girls". I have never heard of it, but I guess it is a store at the mall that sells clothes, but then they also have a room in the back where they give makeovers. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but her hair has a lot of pink sparkely stuff sprayed in it.


Emily said...

I don't have any girls, but I never want my boys to grow up any faster than they have too! They grow up fast enough with out too much help!

peacekeeper said...

sounds like a crazy fun party. i bet she will want to do that for hers. good luck!

Jennifer said...

what a fun party, I can see why Diana thought it was the most fun ever. She really is growing up too fast. Ask her to slow down a little for me. :)