Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stomp out Loud

Today Diana had the opportunity to go and see "Stomp out Loud". It was a private smaller performance for the Clark County Children's Choir that Diana belongs to. It was really cool. Of course it didn't hurt that she got to miss school for two hours. After the show we stopped at Subway to get some lunch and wouldn't you know that two other families we know had the same idea. It was a really yummy lunch and they had a special for a $5 foot long sandwiches. Then I did take a little bit of a video of the Stomp thing so you can get some idea of what it was like. I would go to the show, although you might want to wear earplugs. I think someone changed the setting on my camera, because it does not seem to be as clear as usual. And I am not even sure how to fix it. Yikes.



Jennifer said...

That looked like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

peacekeeper said...

that sounds like a lot of fun. also fun to have a girl date. i bet diana liked her mommy time. way fun!

craig said...

Wow, don't let Laura know that Diana was taken out of school for a concert and lunch date. She thinks that she is lucky to have gone to the Dr and Wendy's this week.


Allison Barnes said...

I saw that show when it first came out and LOVED it! Glad you got to go!!


Just Me! said...

I am going to "google" that group and see if we can catch a show in the Midwest. My boys would love it!