Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Festivities

We had a great spring break week, last week. It is so nice that Marion had his break the same week as the kids. On Friday he took over the egg coloring responsibilities. Notice Diana's concentration as she learns from the master egg colorer. They did a great job. Sometimes I think it is sad for Diana, because the boys (ie teenagers, too cool for such stuff) are not interested anymore. Of course the upside to this is that Diana got to color all the eggs. And then she got to find all the eggs by herself. We had a very nice laid back Easter Sunday. Diana got this cute dress at Burlington Coat Factory. We had a fun mother/daughter shopping trip on Friday. We were both excited to get the movie Enchanted for Easter. Yeah, for fun movies. Also we had a very nice family home evening yesterday about the real meaning of Easter. What a wonderful time of year to remember the blessings the Saviour brings to our lives.


Jennifer said...

Super cute dress, Diana. I love the eggs too.

peacekeeper said...

i echo jennifers the dress! fun easter festivities...those boys dont know what they are missing. i still love coloring eggs. hoppy late easter!

Marjorie said...

Nice! We forgot to take any pictures here :(
Happy Easter!