Friday, October 12, 2007


Well most of you might not know that the BYU football team is in town to play UNLV tomorrow night. Remember my Christmas card? Us Hammonds are BIG BYU fans. One great thing about BYU's football coach, Bronco Mendenhall, is that he has a fireside before each game. No one else in my family wanted to go, so I went alone. The fireside was great and very inspiring. It is hard to describe the spirit when all these young, strong football players stand and sing "Armies of Helaman". I loved hearing everything that was said, and Max Hall the quarterback. even walked right by me when he went up to sing. Afterwards, I wondered around and listened and watched everyone visiting. There were several little boys with their footballs and they were getting autographs from as many players as possible. I wondered why I hadn't thought of that, but then wondered would I feel silly standing in line with a bunch of young boys? Possibly. OK maybe not. But there will always be a next time in two years. Anyway even though I had my camera in my purse, I was too shy to pull it out inside the building. Finally, I decided to go out to the car. Just outside there was a large group of players waiting to get on the bus. Somehow I managed to gather my hutspa and asked if they would mind being in a picture with me. They quickly agreed, one of them was perhaps camera shy because he quickly volunteered to take the picture. If any of you recognize anyone in the picture let me know, because it might be interesting to know. I think the players might have wondered what kind of crazy old lady would be such a fan. Then I walked around the corner of the building, and there was Coach Mendenhall and his wife Holly. So I got a picture with them also. I am taking my stalker status to a whole new level.


Lisa said...

Oh dear. Tom is not the jealous type, but this would do it. There was a fireside in Spanish Fork on September 21 that he and my kids were all excited to attend. Alas, we were in Idaho that weekend for my mom's funeral. He was very gracious about it, but I know he was disappointed. Of course, there are multiple firesides like this in our general area every year, so he'll get another chance.

I'm glad you were brave enough to get some pics taken with the guys! I recognize Bryan Kehl in the group picture -- he's the tallest dark skinned guy behind you. Tom could probably identify the rest.

brooke said...

Pat -
I wish I would have know that you were going. You could have come with us - or at least sat by us so you didn't have to go alone! Although, we didn't stick around so you might have missed the photo ops! It was a really good fireside! I was very impressed by the players who spoke! I am glad that you were able to satisfy your BYU obsession this weekend! I'm also glad to hear that you finally got a digital camera! Isn't it great?