Sunday, October 7, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I was going through some pictures to scrapbook and found these two. The picture on the left is of me. It was taken in my Grandma's kitchen. This house has since been remodeled, and this kitchen is completely different. I love that this picture reminds me of the way things used to be. So many great memories took place in that kitchen. You could always find my Grandma in the kitchen creating the yummiest food. Often she would have us grand kids help out. I don't imagine this was really helpful to her, but I am grateful for her patience and teaching at these times. From this picture, I wonder if I have been a closet cat lover my whole life.

Now the picture to the right is Diana, of course. When she was this age, she would always hold the kittens by the neck this way. Before the kittens could walk, I would always try to protect and rescue them. But once they learned to walk, I figured they were on their own. It is not like they didn't know what would happen if they let Diana get a hold of them. I wonder how many cats, Diana will have when she has her own place? Isn't interesting how similar these pictures are? I always knew we were kindred spirits. What a blessing that child has been in my life!


peacekeeper said...

very cute pics...i love memory lane. i think i am as crazy as you when it comes to cats...maybe you passed the sickness on to me. we have a new member of the family...Snickers is the cutest kitten...Raeley found her a few days ago and no luck finding her original home. i think she is staying...i need to do some blogging.

Shawna said...

These pictures are so cute! And I also see a Sam's size box of frosted mini wheats on the counter in Diana's photo, must have been our favorite even back then.