Monday, October 8, 2007

Every one needs a little support now and then.

Warning to any male persons reading this. This post is probably best for female eyes only. Today's news worthy event was my purchase of a new bra. This is something that has been needing to happen for months. Due to time and gravity, the "girls" were heading south for the winter. How come in all the informative how to TV shows I have watched, I have never once seen one on how to buy a proper fitting bra? I guess the closest thing would be "What not to wear". It seems they always talk about the importance of good support. My feelings of not being prepared with the proper skills necessary to obtaining adequate support make this activity one that I postpone as long as possible. Of course one thing that makes it so hard, is that I am never quite sure what size I need. Perhaps if I didn't wait so long, I could look at the label on my old one, but usually if there is any label left, it is just a bunch of see through threads barely resembling the tag they once were. So each time I go through the whole process from ground one. This involves trying on about a million different ones. Sometimes I get discouraged and just give up and go home, vowing to try again another day. Today I actually found one that I think will be good. Anything will be better than the worn out, sagging thing that poses as my bra right now.


Shawna said...

Oprah did a show on finding the perfect bra, I missed it but I did check out her website and looked up what my perfect bra should be and it cost $65.00...thank you but not gonna happen. Disappearing labels plague me in the lipstick department. By the time I need to buy a new tube I can't read what color it was.

I'm glad you toughed it out and found support. =)

peacekeeper said...

congrats on the new investment. i always feel better after purchasing a new bra and the girls are much more supported. it feels that the support only lasts a little while and then i need another one. one of the things that must be purchased but i agree that it is such a pain to do. even if you know your size each brand or style fits a little different and so you must try on a ton. i commend you on a job well done. may the girls stand in attention for as long as possible. :)