Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Abiento October!

The month of October has come and gone. Abiento means good bye in French. I only know about it because of my favorite mystery heroine Amelia Peabody. Yea for literature expanding your vocabulary. I first picked it because I thought it was "obiento" and we all know how much I love aliteration. But alas when I looked the word up, I discovered my mistake. I still think it sounds better then just plain good bye. But I digress. Over all October has been a pretty good month. There have been some highlights:
My birthday
A new record for number of posts in one month by me
BYU Football team coming to Vegas
Purchase of my new, glorious camera
Beautiful weather
Unexpected financial windfalls
New bra, new haircut, new eyebrows, and perhaps new attitude

There have been some low moments:
My birthday
Nine year anniversary of the day we lost Camille and moved to Vegas
Yucky head cold
Diana's "Projects"
School copiers
Car troubles
Cat Stalker

By far the good has outweighed the bad and for that I am grateful. After all, we must have opposition in all things right? And so I bid a fond, farewell to October, see ya again in a year.

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