Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well, those of you who are well acquainted with Diana and her quirks, will know that she is very opinionated about how she looks. It cracks me up how she is able to fix her own hair. In fact at times when I try to help her, she takes the brush from my hands in an exasperated tone says "Let me do it." So I thought I would document her hair style yesterday. I had hoped that you could see how perfectly she did her part and then swept it to the back, but the picture didn't turn out that well. (I need to figure out how to turn my flash off. Maybe I should Google that question.) And then she clips it up. I asked her how she learned to do that and she said she didn't know. And we have been doing pretty well with remembering her glasses. Yeah!

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peacekeeper said...

brooklyn has started to demand that she brush her own hair. i am not sure i am ready to give up the hairstylist title.