Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghosts of Halloween Past!

So I thought it might be fun to look at all my old Halloween pictures. What do you think? I even found two pictures from my chilhood. I remember how much I loved being Mary Poppins, as she was/is one of the people I would like to be. My mom did her best with the costume and even if no one else could tell who I was, I loved it. I had an umbrella that is not in the picture.

It is a bit sad that my boys have faded from the past few years of pictures. But hey, I think that has been purposeful on their part. Also at fault seems to be the fact that I haven't taken any pictures at night for the past few years, so they weren't there when I had the camera at school for Diana.

In 1998 there is the picture of Jared as Spider Man. Some of you might remember that year as when we moved to Las Vegas on October 31st. In the process of packing the house in California, we/I lost Jared's mask for his costume. This was of course the end of the world for him, but he survived and will probably only require a few years of therapy to recover when he grows up.

Another noteworthy costume, would be Diana's Little Bo Peep. There are 10 yards of lace on the pantaloons alone. This was back in the day when I actually used my sewing machine for more than a place to store my dirty laundry. The first year she wore it, I only made the pants and hat because we had the dress. The second year she wore it, I made the dress to go with the rest of it.

Also notice that I have been very guilty of/good at recycling costumes. Several of them were used multiple years and for multiple kids. Ah, good times.... once they are over and you can look back at them. I guess like most worthy things it does require some effort and stress to make these things happen.

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