Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Hijinks!

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween adventures. Diana put together some goodie bags that she took to school. She had fun carving her pumpkin, although it was a bit messy. She had fun at her class party, the high light being someone brought chocolate dipped strawberries. All the kids at school loved her costume and kept saying that her wig looked like her real hair. There was the traditional Halloween parade. There were some interesting costumes. My next door neighbor made the cutest costumer for her little girl. It was a washing machine made from a box with some folded towels and laundry soap glued on the top. We got Little Ceasars pizza for dinner and that was nice. We painted Diana's face green and her lips black. She was happy and satisfied with how it turned out. Jared wore his Lacrosse stuff but refused to be photographed. Now I don't feel so guilty for not having more pictures of him the last few years. Jared, Diana, and I went to the ward trunk or treat. I think everyone had fun. It was extremely crowded. After that, Diana wanted to go around the neighborhood. I was so tired, she finally talked me into driving her around. Knowing I could just sit in the car, I gave in to that idea. We went next door first and our neighbor decided to come along. How lame is that to just drive your kid. Actually we found a street with a lot of lights on and followed them as they ran from house to house. My neighbor also has older kids and we commented how it is a bit sad for these youngest kids to have moms that have run out of energy for this stuff. All in all it seemed to be another successful Halloween.

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peacekeeper said...

we all think she looks great. i love the lips. glad halloween was a success. :)