Monday, November 5, 2007

Life at hyper speed and Betty Crocker

So I would like to know what is the deal with putting out the Christmas stuff before Halloween is even over. Is it really going to make or break these stores if they waited two more days to put out everything for Christmas? And is anyone going to buy Christmas stuff when they are still in the middle of celebrating Halloween? Is it just me, or does this seem to happen earlier and earlier each year. Pretty soon you will have to pass by the Christmas stuff when trying to buy fire works for the Fourth of July. Sheesh. Or perhaps they will just be out year round.

On a different topic, Diana was looking at my blog of her school picture. She misread the comment line to be complement. She asked me why she only had 2 complements and looked down at other posts and was equally disappointed to find zero complements there. I was cracking up because only she would just assume that people would be giving her complements. Saturday afternoon she engaged in one of her activities again. As I was laying on the couch half asleep, she informed me that she was making a cake "with or without me". I said "OK, I pick without". She proceeded to do just that. I did have her bring me the box and the measuring cups. Then I would hand a certain cup to her and say "Go put this much oil in". I don't remember being involved in the baking part of the project. Perhaps her father helped her, I can't be sure. But here is the result. It is a bit flat and over cooked, isn't it? I questioned her about it and she told me that she decided to put in extra oil. Next, I tried to explain that although individuality is a wonderful, even desired quality in many areas such as fashion, cooking is one place where one must conform to the recipe. I don't know if I convinced her, but hey at least this nap didn't come with the price of any colored substance being places that are not meant to be colored. I am still finding green food coloring in my freezer. Somehow it keeps coming back to haunt me. Oh well, there are perks to having an independent child. At least that is what I keep telling myself, to keep my sanity.


Jennifer said...

Good job Diana, I want to complement you on your cake. It looks pretty good, especially for your first solo attempt. :) So much to look forward to.

Jennifer said...
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peacekeeper said...

I once again agree with jennifer. i think that it must be nice to have a little baker to help with those sweet duties. :)