Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Work, Wal Mart, and Wise Crackers

So when I went to figure out my hours, so I could turn them and be paid, I discovered that I had worked 37 hours in just 5 days. No wonder I am so tired and my house is such a wreck, and my kids have been eating cold cereal for dinner for a week. Sheesh! Well at least I am done for a while. There will be more stuff to do in January. And I my checking account will very much appreciate the infusion of cash. So that is all good. I needed an extra helper last Monday and Tuesday. Jared was out of school for Veteran's day and teacher prep day so he volunteered to go with me. He was a big help. Part of our job was to help with the sample sale. Jared was excited to earn $8 in tips when he helped people get their stuff to their cars. He was even more excited to earn $180 for two days work. He already spent some of his cash on Guitar Hero III. Yea for paying jobs.
Due to the fact that pretty much every one in our family is on the brink of exhaustion, we have decided not to go anywhere for Thanksgiving. Both of our families wish we would visit, mine in Utah, and Marion's in Arizona, but they will survive without us somehow. I am looking forward to a very relaxing weekend full of movies and scrap booking. Oh yea, and a day of crazed cooking. But even that shouldn't be too bad. My turkey is defrosting in the fridge as I write. We will see how much of the trimmings cut trimmed away or make it to the table. Then on Saturday there will be the highlight of the Holy War to watch on TV. For any of you not familiar with what that is, it is when BYU plays the University of Utah. It is always a big game, but it is an even bigger game this year for very many reasons that I will not bore all of you with. I have missed parts of the last two games due to church responsibilities and the fact that I came home from the ward camp out very sleep deprived and fell asleep while watching last Saturday's game. Inconceivable! So I am keeping next Saturday from 11:00 to 2:00 sacred. Just so you know, don't call me and my kids will be instructed not to talk to me either. Not that it ever works, but it will be worth a try. Usually the boys are too embarrassed/annoyed with my screaming and leave the room. I will have to think of a project for Diana to keep her busy.
For any of you who are unaware there is good news called the movie Hairspray was released on DVD today. I just got back from Wal Mart with my exciting purchase. I went to Wal Mart because they always have their movies marked down the first day it comes out. Of course then I was enticed by the evil powers of the movie industry and succumbed to buying a two disc version for $25. I could not resist the "sing along to the lyrics track" or the "step by step dance moves". I am such a sucker for giving in and paying $10 more for it than just the plain DVD. While I was shopping there was announcement made over the loud speaker that went something like this:
"Attention all managers, please report to the meeting room where Nancy will give keep us spell bound by her information that she will impart in a most interesting way. And will someone bring some napkins for Dave. He has brownies all over his face and he needs napkins."
I found this announcement to be quite amusing and unlike any other I had every heard there. Who knew that there is actually one Wal Mart employee with a sense of humor? Besides the DVD I got some new sheets for the beds in Diana's room. The ones she has now are quite old and worn out. You know colored on with pen and stained by a burn mark when a hot iron was accidentally placed on the bed. Just your usual wear and tear. We are having some company this weekend and so I though they might enjoy having some decent sheets on the beds. So with only 3 items, I figured that I would use the self check thingy. I scanned the first item and put it in the bag. I think I forgot to touch it to the blue star on the scanner, so the "Skip bagging" message appeared. I hit OK. Then the machine said "Unauthorized item in the bagging area." Criminy, it was the one that mistakenly thought I was skipping the bagging. The same thing was repeated with the next item. For crying out loud, how long can it take to check out with three items? Finally I was triumphant and left with my purchases. It was at this point that I remembered some pants that needed to be returned but of course were still at home. Curses. Maybe next time, which is what I tell myself every time I go.

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