Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On your mark, Get set, Go!

OK maybe Jared read my post yesterday about motherhood being an amazing race because he seemed intent on providing me with the opportunity to race this morning. When I got up at 6:55, I found him still asleep in his bed. This is bad, as usually by this time he has showered, dressed, eaten, and is preparing to leave the house fifteen minutes later. Once again I am forced to waken him with threats, hoping to get him to move faster than a snail. I tell him if he hurries, he can still catch the bus. This is not an incentive for him, as he hates riding the bus. His biggest complaint being that they are forced to have 4 people sitting in a seat. I do share his pain in a "Hey that sounds uncomfortable" kind of way, not in a "OK, I'll drive you to school every day" kind of way. This seems the perfect time for the life lesson "Life is hard, suck it up and deal with it". He takes a shower while I make his breakfast and lunch. He seems to be dawdling in the shower and I sense that he plans to be so late that he misses the bus and I have to drive him all the way to school . I counter by prodding him along with everything short of a cattle prod. Does anybody know where I can get me one of those? Finally we leave the house and I drive him to the next bus stop that is just around the corner. He tells me that, surely we must be too late and I should just take him to school. But I revel in the victory that is mine, as the bus drives up at the same time we do. Bwaaahahahaha! What could he do, but admit defeat and get out of the car and onto the bus. I am especially glad that I didn't have drive out of my neighborhood as I am still in my knee length pajama shirt, with only a robe on for decency's sake. For sure that would be the time that I was in another car accident. Perhaps that would be the best cure for Jared, drive him to school dressed very inappropriately and get out of the car and embarrass him to death. I will have to keep that card up my sleeve.

Next we moved onto the sport of getting Diana to school. It was of course picture make up day. I had decided to just take every one's advice and live with the first picture. It did after all have to potential for good memories in years to come. Just like the picture of Trent with his nose scraped up when he was 2. Anyway, Diana decided that she would like to get a new picture. So I helped her get ready. Her hair has grown since the last picture and so we had to curl it under instead of up. Who knows how this one will turn out. Stay tuned for the results. She was very excited to wear her stick on earrings. She had to make sure that her hair was tucked behind her ears, so that they would show. I guess you can't really see the earrings in this picture, but this is how she looked when we left the house. No scarf's, hats, or any other accessory. And I would like to know how this picture day landed on library day again. At least now, we have taken to keeping Diana's books in her backpack. We aren't really reading them, but hey we are able to return them when they are due. So does the teacher actually expect us to read them and return them? I think that is taking things a bit far. Onto school where I had to go in and fill out a picture form. There were about 30 other parents doing the same thing and it was quite crowded. Finally all was taken care of, my child went off to her class and I headed for institute. Yes, just another day in paradise and another victory in getting my children to school.


peacekeeper said...

dont you just love the craziness of the morning routine and the threats that accompany it ;)

Aaron, Lindsey, and Zander said...

Hi Pat,
It's Lindsey (Mical's friend from institute). I have some info I wanted to send you about my chocolate fountain business. Will you e-mail me at so I can e-mail you some things? Thanks!!!