Sunday, January 27, 2008

Best thing since sliced bread!

Let me share some background about this title. When I got my new car, there was one very sad thing called it only had a cassette player. I missed the CD player that was in my old car. Of course this is very easy to fix. You just go to some place like Circuit City and they can take out the cassette player and replace it with a CD one. All it takes is time and money. These are two things that have not come easy to me in the months since the car accident. So I have learned to live without the luxury of listening to my favorite CD's in the past few months.
Just a few weeks ago I was riding in a friend's car. Her daughter asked if she could listen to her ipod on the car radie. My friend then pulled out a gadget that plugs into the ipod and then goes into her cassette player. This is where my mouth dropped to the ground and I jumped up and down inside because you know why? I actually own on of those very things. I had it to play a CD player in my old cassette player, but all our portable CD players are broken and I did not have any idea it would work on a portable music thingy bopper. So yay for discovering new and wonderful things that make life nicer. Now as I drive I can listen to all my CD's that I have put onto my new MP3 that I got for Christmas. It is quite a lot of music. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

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