Monday, January 21, 2008

Working Girl

So one of the reasons that I am not posting very much this month is that it is time for my twice a year temporary job. I work very occasionally for a company called Global Views. They have a showroom here in Vegas, but they live in Dallas. Twice a year there are big trade shows, where people who own stores come and buy things at wholesale that they then sell in their stores. Global Views sales home accessories like vases, lamps, and small furniture.My job is to help in the set up for the show and then to work during the show helping to write orders for customers. Sometimes the showroom changes more than other times. This time there is a ton of new products and so we have spent a lot of time taking old samples out of the showroom and having a sample sale. Then there were 34 pallets of new product that was delivered last Thursday. This has been a monumental job to get it all unpacked. Luckily Jared got out of school early on Friday, due to finals. He worked with me Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I had my next door neighbor come and help as well. By yesterday afternoon it was all unpacked. Here are some pictures of what a pallet of merchandise looks like. This was a lot of stuff. It filled a 53 ft trailer and a 12 ft trailer. Happily I did not have to move it all up to my fourth floor. The dock workers did that. I just had to open all the boxes and take off the wrapping. So I will be working for the rest of the week, helping to get the showroom ready for the show next week. I really don't know if I will have any energy to post anything so don't be disappointed if there is nothing new until after the show. I usually am so tired after being on my feet doing manual labor all day, that I can barely walk from my car to my bed. I will get a nice paycheck by the end of it all and hopefully that will make it all worth it.


peacekeeper said...

happy thoughts...the paycheck is worth it!!! try not to get to overworked.

sebishop said...

Hey Patti. I love reading about your life! It is so entertaining and I feel like I am back at 1009 University Ave. I started a blog also! Enjoy working!