Friday, January 25, 2008

Sometimes things don't change, Yay!

While we were in Utah in December, we took advantage of some free time to eat at some of our favorite restaurants. The first stop we made was to "La Dolce Vita". This is a great Italian place we discovered while living in Provo. We used to eat there about one a week, when I was working and we had quite a lot of disposable income. I love the spinach calzone, and it was still just as good. Marion got the pasta and gnocchi. Tragically, I forgot my purse with my camera so I don't have a picture of this outing. Dang. I will try to get over the disappointment.
The other place we were able to visit was the "Brick Oven". They specialize in pizza and have great root beer. They would have free root beer on Mondays, and we used to order in often to eat while we watched Monday night football. This is us with my two brothers and their wives. The food was still just as yummy. It is very comforting when some things in this life stay the same. And it was enjoyable taking a walk down memory lane. For some reason it was very cold at this pizzeria and hence we are wearing our coats. Ah, good times.


sebishop said...

Yummy! I can taste La Dolce Vita pasta and bread sticks and Brick Oven's endless salad bar. Those were two of my favorites as well.

peacekeeper said... are in trouble. you must send me a cd of all these pics!!! so cute!