Sunday, January 27, 2008

Farewell, O Prophet Dear

When I heard of President Hinckley's death, I felt mixed emotions. Of course I am glad to think of him reuniting with his wife. At the same time I felt a strange sense of sadness. How can something we have been expecting for years, seem so unexpected? Just today we had stake conference, and the visiting authority was talking about how hard it is to beat Pres. Hinkley to work. He said that the Prophet is always there before 7:00 am each day. As I thought about it, I thought of the joyous celebration they must be having on the other side of the veil. I imagine that my own grand parents would be there if possible. Perhaps it would look something like the last scene in Star Wars. You know when Luke, Leia, and Han Solo return from their mission victorious and receive a reward. One doesn't have to stretch to imagine the fond embrace from a loving Father, with the words easily being uttered, "You have fought the fight and finished the race, well done, my son."
I feel a strange connection and even debt to President Hinckley. It can be said that President Kimball was the prophet of my youth, but President Hinckley has been the prophet of my adulthood. It is his positive outlook on life and ever infectious optimism that has given me hope on many a dark day of trial in the past twelve years. I will be forever grateful for this beacon of light in my sometimes dark and dreary life. One occasion of particular remembrance to me was after 9-11. This was such an uncertain time, I wondered what was the world coming to. When I heard about the broadcast that Pres Hinckley would speak at, I was excited to attend. I needed to hear the Prophet of the Lord tell me that everything would be OK. This he did and calmed my trouble heart at this difficult time.

Another especially difficult time in my life was the 10 weeks before we moved to Las Vegas. I would rock Camille to sleep each night while listening to primary songs. Often this would be a time to think about how much in my life seemed to be going wrong. It was so hard being a single parent in California while Marion had started teaching in Las Vegas. As I listened to those primary songs, I would see President Hinkley's smiling face in my mind. It was as if each night we would have a personal interview. And he would encourage me to go on for one more day. I can't even express in words how much this helped me through a time when I didn't think I would make it.

And so dear Prophet, a fond farewell. May God be with you til we meet again.


Marjorie said...

Beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope we all write down how we feel about President Hinckley. He certainly touched our lives as no other prophet has. You have to be happy for them to be reunited again but sad for us that we can't see his sweet smile or enjoy his wit and counsel any more.
A sidelight: I was sorting some papers recently and discovered the program for the dedication of our ward building in 1974. What a surprise to see that it was President (then Elder) Hinckley that was here to dedicate it. We were in 4th ward then so we didn't attend.

Emily said...

It feels so good to share with others, and read what others have said about our dear prophet, I love your words, as well as your experiences with Camille. Thank you for sharing them.

sebishop said...

Your sentiments about Pres. Hinckley touched my soul and I too am grateful concerning his life.

During FHE, I enjoyed hearing the expressions of sadness from my boys and the reflections they had of the only prophet they have know-Pres. Hinckley. We are daily reminded of his optism and humor and often fall short of honoring him by doing as he does. I look forward to the year when we will study from his teachings in Relief Society as we are now studying about Joseph Smith!