Monday, January 14, 2008


Ok, the title of this post is not a reference to the musical with cute cats dancing and singing around the stage. Instead, think of this like the Alfred Hitchcock movie birds, only with cats instead of birds. That would give an accurate description of my backyard last week. So I think I have heard it said that seven is a lucky number, but I seriously doubt that it is lucky to have seven cats trying to reproduce in your backyard. That is what was took place for several days last week at my house. One day I looked out my window and saw not just two but seven cats prowling and sitting in my backyard. This was strange to me as it had not happened before. So do I get sticks and stones to throw at them? Or maybe a cage to catch some and take them away from here? No that would be the sensible thing to do, I instead get my camera and take some pictures for my blog. I could never get them to all be together in one picture, but here are several different pictures and I think you can get the idea. The picture to the right actually has five cats, but you can't quite see the orange one that is under the table. All this activity was really inspiring me to actually take some cats away, but now it has died down and I am not feeling as pressured to do something now. Dang.


peacekeeper said...

Today as i was cleaning the garage and trying to finally pack away my christmas stuff...i happened upon the bag of white lights that we were going to give away. going to being the key phrase because now they are covered in cat urine. lovely. andrews response...lets get rid of all of them...including daisy who had nothing to do with this particular crime against my stuff. they all still live here so i guess i havent learned anything yet either. DANG!

Marjorie said...

Keep up the pressure. You should send these guys all to a better home before the weather warms and you want to enjoy your outdoor room again!