Monday, January 28, 2008

Quotable Quotes

I just thought I would mention a bit about my new quote feature I have added to my blog. My sister invited me to this website called It is a fun place where you can share about the books you are reading with your family and friends. When I was looking at it, I found this cool thing where you could read through about a billion quotes and pick out ones that you want as your favorites. Then you can put them on your blog. So Saturday morning Trent was at work, Marion and Jared were at a merit badge clinic, and Diana was at a birthday party. I found myself in glorious solitude at my own house. No one was there to ask me annoying questions like "Aren't you done with the computer, yet?"or "What can I eat?" Also I didn't have to go to work. So what did I do with this precious gift whose value seemed priceless? Did I dig into the housework that is piling up around here and muck out my house? No. Instead, I sat at my computer for several hours reading through quotes. I have to say that it was much more fun than dishes. And to be fair the laundry was going during this time, so it wasn't completely unproductive. And now, I myself, love looking at my blog to see what quote will be showing this time. I love quotes, and most of the ones I chose bring a smile to my face. So I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.


Emily said...

I noticed it first thing today when I logged on! I didn't even see your post today! What a fun thing, I look forward to reading them!
By the way, Tucker learned the word Hubba, because that is what Toph calls me. :)

peacekeeper said...

what would quiet solitude be like...i think i still have a few years til i get to experience that fabulous event. glad you enjoyed yours!