Thursday, January 3, 2008

Things you won't see in Vegas.

On our recent trip to Utah we saw several things we don't usually see in Vegas:
1. A coat rack at the church building. We went into the building at the back and I said to my kids "Hey, hang up your coats." They looked at me like I was crazy. You know that "What you talkin' bout Willis?" kind of look on their faces. I then pointed out that there was indeed a rack over laden with coats. Somehow they squished their coats into the masses. How exciting, a new experience. Yes there are no coat racks in buildings located in warmer climates.
2. Pikachu Popsicle, well here is a picture of the ice that accumulated on our windshield during church. We realized that we no longer own an ice scraper. That is kind of a happy thought, that we don't even ever need one of those things. The guy in the car next to us was using a metal pancake turner. I wonder if he knows some secret or is just desperate. Marion and I both agree that we don't miss the days of scraping windows in the morning.

3. Snow - Yes you won't see that cold stuff in Vegas very often. It has snowed several times since we have lived here. One of the times we were out of town. If it ever does snow, it never lasts like the snow in this picture. Snow is very pretty to look out the window at when you are nice and warm. I do not enjoy going outside in it very much.
4. Icicles- My sister in law brought this long ice spear into the house so the kids could see it up close. Diana and her cousins had fun licking it and then broke it up into tiny pieces. There is no danger of being speared by an ice javelin in Vegas.
5. I don't have a picture of it, but we saw a tractor driving down the street, University Avenue no less in Provo. You don't see sights like that in Vegas. Sadly it was going so slow that we passed before I could think fast enough to get my camera out and get a picture of it.


Jennifer said...

That is funny, I hadn't made the connection with the coat closet. We actually have one here, but it was converted into a storage room for cabinets since no one ever uses them. :)

peacekeeper said...

you have the most creative ways of posting. i need to get all your pics. talk to you later.