Sunday, April 27, 2008


Going through some pictures, I found these two and couldn't resist a post about the blessing of family. Of course the older picture is me as a baby, my mom holding me, with my grandma and great grandma looking on. I love how everyone in this picture are looking at me as if I hold the future in my hands. My Great Grandma died when I was in kindergarten so I don't really remember her. But I love this picture anyway.
Then there is the picture of Diana as a baby, with me, my mom, and my Grandma Tanner. I know that I am very blessed to have had my grandparents alive for as long as I did. I was well into my thirties before they died. And I feel blessed that Diana was able to get a picture with my Grandma. One of my favorite things about my Grandma was her love of reading. I treasure my set of Anne of Green Gables books that she gave me when I turned twelve. Also she always smelled of lemons because of a lemon scented oil she would always use for dry skin. There was mint growing outside of her back door. I have too many wonderful memories to mention. So hurray for the blessing of belonging to a family.


Leticia said...

What a sweet post Pat! I love it! It made want to cry! How sweet to have a similiar picture with Diana and her "elders"...I love generation shots!
I will be thinking of things to say for the tag...I have not been tagged before...I thought tagging was a crime! J/K
Leticia :)

Leticia said...

me want to ...that is what i get for posting at to sneak in post writing when I can!!!

Just Me! said...

I love those pictures-they are priceless. I remember that you LOVED Anne of Green GAbles and we watched the series when it aired in the late '80's! Basement of LOVE! Your couch was the BEST since we had NO couch. Thanks for sharing.